WheresWillie2019 Sterilisation Drive – Riversdale


February 17, 2020 at 10:27 am by Alma Schaap

Through sterilisations hundreds of thousands of animals are saved from being born into a lifetime of suffering and neglect. On the 24th and 25th of October, we sterilised 131 animals in our #whereswillie2019 Riversdal Sterie drive. Over 500 children were formally educated and many more informally. We replaced heavy chains, kennels were handed out and each animal received parasite treatment as well as other medical interventions. 

For each female dog, if left unspayed, her offspring and their offspring can lead to the birth of 67 000 unwanted puppies in 6 years. Each sterilisation is a huge victory for us, and we are happy to report that the majority of the 131 animals done were females. But the need was so great that we had to show people away.  If we can secure the funding, we hope to return in 2020 to reach more animals.

We wish to thank the amazing Dr Roos and her team from Envirovet CVC. Rene, Caro and Riaan, you guys are the best. Tanya from FOUR PAWS South Africa who handled all the education and so much more, thank you for your unwavering dedication. Huge thanks to the wonderful team from CARS for all the hard work, accommodation and so much more.

Thank you also to the Purple Kennel Project for the kennels that we could hand out, as well Daniel and Mel Aufrichtig who donated towards the tick and flea treatment as well as vehicle repairs. Thank you to Willie Richards, if it was not for you, nothing of this would have been possible. Together we are stronger!

Dogs recovering after their sterilisation.
Removing the chain and replacing it with a collar.
Organising food parcels for the dogs and cats to go home with.
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