Kalbaskraal Sterilisation Campaign 2021


January 13, 2022 at 1:06 pm by Lauren

We were approached by members of the Lucky Lucy Foundation regarding the dire need of dog & cat sterilisations in the Kalbaskraal area. After a few meetings and ironing out some of the details, we decided that we would tackle the area. It took about 2 months to plan, from getting the team together, booking the vet, confirming the venue to the sourcing and signing up of the animals. It was clear that there was a big need for sterilization in the area. Kalbaskraal is an isolated area with no access to veterinary care. Lucky Lucy is the closest welfare organisaton but they don’t have a vet on site or offer sterilisations. As always, our aim was to sterilise at least 70 percent of the breeding population. It has been proved that by sterilising 70 percent and above, this will have a long lasting positive impact on the area and its animals.  We kicked off phase 1 of the campaign in May 2021. This phase consisted of 2 sterilisation days and 110 animals sterilised & 16 kennels distributed. We educated owners along the way and this helped to get them to sign up their animals for sterilisation for the next phase. With winter setting in, we stopped at this point and then continued with phase 2 in September. This phase consisted of:  4 sterilisation days, 192 animals sterilised and 20 kennels distributed. We kicked off phase 3 in December and ended up adding an extra day which became phase 4 to reach the very last animals we had on the list. We ended on 2 December taking us to a grand total of 341 animals sterilised in the Kalbaskraal area. According to our statistics, this would be over 80 percent, if not more, of the breeding population. This is a big success for the animals as well as the residents of the Kalbaskraal area. This means that 341 animals will not be breeding and adding to the countless animals that are born into an environment that cannot meet their basic needs. This will largely reduce the abuse, neglect & overall suffering that comes with the over-population of dogs & cats. This will greatly reduce the dog & cat illnesses that are widely spread in these environments, as well as chances of zoonotic diseases such as rabies.  

We also managed to hand out over 40 kennels to dogs that were in desperate need of proper shelter and we have more on order.

Every dog & cat that was sterilised, also received vaccines, de-worming, treatment for ticks & fleas, as well as a food parcel.

Without the support of donations from private individuals as well as others, we would not have been able to pull off such a successful campaign. A big thank you to each & every individual that supported this campaign as well as to the Rotary Club of Blouberg, Nussbaum Foundation, National Sterilisation Project and Dancers Love Dogs.

Until the next one!

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