One Man. One Cause. Willie’s extreme adventure will take place September/October 2019. Ultra Distance Challenge, Unassisted, +1000km, 20 days

Imagine – an unassisted, back-to-back, cycling and running event, covering 1500km, in 20 days!

Willie loves adventure and the great outdoors.  Every year he carefully selects an adventure and partners it with an NPO, more specifically an Animal Welfare Organisation.

The 2019 #WheresWillie Campaign is in its planning phases, but one thing is for sure, it will be arduous, adventurous and daring.  This year Willie will partner with African Tails for the second time.

African Tails’ main focus is to curb the over-population of street dogs and cats with the aim to prevent neglect while sowing the seed of compassion for domestic pets and animal in general.  African Tails focuses on a different disadvantaged community each year and offers Education Programmes within the community. Trained Volunteers and African Tails staff teaches children and community members empathy towards animals, offer assistance and resources to improve the quality of life for domestic animals and perform mass sterilisations within a predetermined area.  

Willie wants to create awareness and help raise funds for the Mass Sterilisation Campaign that is scheduled to take place in DuNoon in 2020.  The aim is to sterilise 70% of the breeding pet population in DuNoon over a period of two months.