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African Tails
Sterling Silver Necklace


Hand-crafted and custom made
by Glove Jewellery.

African Tails
Fridge Magnet


African Tails


African Tails
Tote Bag


African Tails


African Tails


African Tails


Collection at the office in Brooklyn or possible delivery to Atlantic Seaboard only.
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By purchasing African Tails branded items, you are supporting African Tails and the work that we do.
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About our keyrings and magnets…

In an effort to do our bit for the environment, we have decided to do away with all plastic packaging for our keyrings and fridge magnets. Our key rings and fridge magnets are 3D printed using a product called PLA. Polylactide is referred to as a ‘bioplastic’ because of its environmentally friendly nature. Polylactide (PLA), is a renewable thermoplastic and a polymer. It is ‘processed’ from the starch of plants such as corn, sugar cane and sugar beet, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable.

For 3D printed item enquiries, contact Sandy on 084 559 1542

Barking Mad Pet Products

Barking Mad Pet Products is an online pet store that offers all kinds of animal goodies including treats and accessories.¬† If you order anything on their website and select “African Tails”, then a percentage of that sale will be donated to us.

To make your life a bit easier, here is a link that you can follow where “African Tails” has already been selected: