We all know that many animals in South Africa face terrible hardships. This is caused by not only social and economic problems, but the over-breeding of pets. When there are simply not enough good and sustainable homes for these animals; it leads to suffering, cruelty and neglect. Furthermore uncontrolled breeding leads to the spread of zoonotic and other diseases, stray and abandoned animals, animal fights as well as huge pressure on local shelters and animal welfares.
However, there is hope! The only pro-active way to eradicate this problem is through mass sterilisation campaigns. Our campaigns go hand-in-hand with educational and living condition interventions, in order to ensure a happy, healthy and empathetic community for all.



Mass Sterilisation:
According to best practice, sterilising at least 70% of a breeding pet population within an isolated area, will result in the best long term effect on the area and its pet population.
Teaching young and old about the value of good animal husbandry as well as the importance of sterilisation of companion animals. Empathy is the key to healthy communities and their pets.
Rescue and re-homing:
Offering a second chance to desperately needy animals through rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing.
Living condition interventions:
We strive to not only sterilise companion animals, but where needed, to drastically increase their quality of life. This is obtained through the distribution of kennels, runners, medical interventions and vaccinations.
Basic Care:
We offer vaccinations and parasite control to our local communities we serve. Our consulting hours are Monday to Friday 12:00 to 13:30 at our office in Brooklyn, Milnerton. We also offer sterilisation at a reduced cost on set days per month. Booking is essential.



One unsterilized female dog and her unsterilised offspring can result in 67000 puppies in six years!
This isn’t just a mind-boggling statistic, it’s a serious problem when you consider the fact that most of the Cape’s township dogs have no one to care for or love them – or to prevent them from breeding uncontrollably.
And this is where African Tails comes in…
African Tails, founded in Cape Town in 2006 in the dusty streets of Dunoon Township, strives to curb the over-population as well as suffering and neglect of animals over the entire Western Cape. To date we have sterilised 15 000 animals.


Your small contribution makes a huge difference and enables us to continue our works of success.


Adopting an animal will not change the world, but it will change THEIR world forever. Adopt, don’t shop!

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Fostering is not a lifetime commitment, but it is a commitment to saving a life.

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There are different ways to actively support Animal Welfare, and volunteering is one of them.

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19 June

Mobile Clinic

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Help African Tails move forward with a Mobile Clinic African Tails would like to purchase a fully kitted out Mobile Clinic. This will enable

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Team Member


Linda is responsible for all our administration needs and sterilisation bookings. Linda is the newest member of our pack, but has over 8 years of experience in Animal Welfare. To contact Linda, email

Team Member


Sandy is responsible for all the animals that are up for adoption in our care. Sandy is passionate about her work and will leave no stone unturned to find all her animals the forever home they deserve. To contact Sandy please email

Team Member


Lauren is our oldest pack member, with many years of experience in animal welfare, doing field work, adoptions and now events and public relations. Lauren is passionate about good animal husbandry and nutrition. For fundraising or event queries email

Team Member


Alma is our pack leader, who is very passionate about mass sterilisation and pet population management. Her hopes and dreams are to move forward in a proactive manner to stop the unnecessary suffering and abuse of animals through mass sterilistion. To contact Alma email

Team Member


Bonile recently joined our pack as a Field Worker. He is responsible for the animals we visit in township and rural areas, and facilitates their interventions into a new and improved life, be it either with their current owners or in the care of African Tails.

Team Member


Augustine is responsible for all our driving and collection duties, as well as assisting Bonile in the field and on sterilisation drives. He is also in charge of disease management and hygiene.



We wish to thank these fantastic companies and individuals for their invaluable support and assistance on a regular basis


If you have any questions or wish to lend a paw, drop us a line.

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