African Tails

Our Mission

We all know that many animals in South Africa face terrible hardships. This is caused by not only social and economic problems, but the over-breeding of pets. When there are simply not enough good and sustainable homes for these animals; it leads to suffering, cruelty and neglect. Furthermore uncontrolled breeding leads to the spread of zoonotic and other diseases, stray and abandoned animals, animal fights as well as huge pressure on local shelters and animal welfares.

However, there is hope! The only pro-active way to eradicate this problem is through mass sterilisation campaigns.

Our campaigns go hand-in-hand with educational and living condition interventions, in order to ensure a happy, healthy and empathetic community for all.

Our Vision


We have an office in Brooklyn, Milnerton, where we are available to to assist pet owners from the local community by offering them advice on responsible pet ownership for dogs and cats. We also offer sterilisation at a reduced cost on set days per month. Booking is essential.


Teaching young and old about the value of good animal husbandry as well as the importance of sterilisation of companion animals. Empathy is the key to healthy communities and their pets.

rescue and re-homing


Offering a second chance to desperately needy animals through rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing.

living condition interventions

We strive to not only sterilise companion animals, but where needed, to drastically increase their quality of life. This is obtained through the distribution of kennels, runners, medical interventions and vaccinations.

mass sterilisation

According to best practice, sterilising at least 70% of a breeding pet population within an isolated area, will result in the best long term effect on the area and its pet population.


Your small contribution makes a huge difference and enables us
to continue the amazing work we do.


Adopting an animal will not change the world, but it will change THEIR world forever. Adopt, don’t shop!


Fostering is not a lifetime commitment,
but it is a commitment to saving a life.


There are different ways to actively support Animal Welfare, and volunteering is one of them.

OUR SUPPAWTERS mean the world to us

Phone : +27 (0) 21 510 7360

Cell (emergencies only): +27 (0) 83 642 2805

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